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Column: Inconsistencies Do Not Overshadow Success of Season

Alabama Men's Basketball Team

This season, like many others that have come before, will be defined by inconsistencies.

Inconsistencies not from only game to game, but half to half, and even possession to possession.  World beaters at times, but equally capable of 10+ minute scoreless streaks. Though frustrating at times, to call this season unsuccessful would be to undermine all of the accomplishments, and most importantly, the adversities they overcome.

At the earliest parts of this season, anything less than a NCAA tournament appearance would have been a disappointment, not because of recent history, but because of blind faith in a handful of freshmen to carry this team to places undreamed of in years past.

Despite some shaky road performances and a five-game losing streak to end the regular season, they delivered.  This team demonstrated its ability to grind out games when they really mattered, while making a show of it all the way.

The same team that finished ninth in the SEC managed to fend off its top-seeded rivals in the SEC Tournament.  Though their inexperience showed at times throughout the season, the Crimson Tide’s togetherness persevered, and that should be exemplified.

Avery Johnson’s men have laid the foundation for future sustained success. Collin Sexton will likely be gone, but Johnson will have the luxury of returning the rest of his starters barring some late additions to the NBA draft.  If he can bring in recruits anywhere close to the caliber that he did this season, Alabama will be poised for back to back tournament appearances for the first time since 2006.

This has been a building process, and one that is finally beginning to deliver. If the process was finished, it would certainly be fair to deem this season unsuccessful. As long as this team continues its progression each season and builds on the success of the last, Alabama fans will have to feel contempt in watching the program grow.

Though the season was punctuated rather quietly with their second half collapse against Villanova, this team is still young and offers unquestionable promise for the years ahead.

After the way this Tide team handled itself in the postseason, Alabama fans should be setting their timers and counting down the days until tip-off next season. Expectations will only be on the rise and time will tell if Avery Johnson can deliver once again.

Johnathan Anderson covers Alabama Basketball for Bama Hoops Hype. You can follow him on Twitter.

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